900HP Unique MONSTER! Watch Europe’s 1st Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador by SBR!

Once again we have an amazing super car like the Lamborghini Aventador, tuned and modified by SB Race Engineering. This is a famous car engineering company based in the UK and founded in 2009. We can say that it is a new company but strangely over the past years this company had made its name into a top brand and every time we see a car modified and tuned but the SBR we always expect and we always see top quality.

In this video we can see the Lamborghini Aventador in front of the SBR garage, they have a few short shots of the Lamborghini before they have done any modifications to it and then we have about minute long part where we can see all the new parts that they have tuned into the Lamborghini and also we can see how they have changed the exterior as well. Originally this Lamborghini had 692 horsepower but after SBR was done with that number was increased to 900 horsepower. Also we can notice the oversized rear wing, new front bumper, carbon-fiber front splitter, menacing rear diffuser and many other features.

If you are interested enough I suggest you watch this short video. Enjoy!


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