Advice for Driving in the Winter Conditions

With winter now rapidly approaching, every motorist needs to prepare themselves for this challenging season where driving can be a lot more challenging, dangerous and stressful. The slippery conditions, poor visibility and cold can all make this a dangerous time to drive, but fortunately there are a few things that every motorist can do to stay safe when on the roads.

Checking Car is in Good Condition

First, you will want to check that your automobile is in good working order and that there are no problems. You could have it serviced as well as carry out various maintenance tasks like inflating the tyres and changing the oil and brake pads. If the car is not in the best condition, you might find it helpful to buy a more reliable second-hand vehicle such as used cars NI. Following on from this, it is also intelligent to keep the car sheltered when not in use if possible (alternatively you could purchase a car cover) and to avoid leaving the car unused for too long.

Accessories & Emergency Kit

Every motorist needs a range of accessories to help them to tackle the harsh winter conditions. This will include a high-quality scraper, screen wash, rock salt and a deicer. There are then a few items that you should be carrying in case you break down, including a phone charger, torch, first-aid kit, blankets, a change of clothes and food and drink.

How to Drive Safely

A motorist also needs to know how to drive safely in different conditions. This will include keeping a safe distance from vehicles in front of you, reducing your speed and generally driving cautiously when it is slippy or there is poor visibility. You should also use dipped headlights when visibility is poor but beware not to dazzle other drivers. Other winter driving advice includes starting in second gear when snowing to limit wheel spin and to avoid any sudden inputs in slippery conditions. In addition to this, you should also plan your route in advance and avoid driving if the conditions are particularly poor.

Driving in winter is harder than any other time of the year and every motorist needs to get prepared for driving in the harsh conditions whether this is rain, snow, sleet, ice or poor visibility. It is important to make sure that the vehicle itself is ready to tackle the winter months, but you must also prepare yourself by getting a few items together as part of an emergency kit. It is also important that you know how to drive safely when the weather poses a few threats and this can be troublesome even for more experienced drivers, so you also need to be able to decide when it is not a good idea to drive.


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