All The Poor Things Honda Civic Owners Say! It’s Not The Honda’s Fault, IT’S THE DRIVER’S LOL :)

We have an unusual presentation today by our well known all around guy which name is Robert, and we knows really how to drive a car and how to explain what the car that he drives has on it.

Today he is talking about a 1992 Honda Civic, and this is the model that all the racing drivers has started with because it is easy to customize, easy to make it go faster than the other cars and it is easier to race with, because this car is light and it can support a massive engine inside.

But as Robert aka YouTube user Muscle Vs. Tuner likes to joke around, he mounted lucky dices on the tires valves and as he says, it helps him a lot to get a girl with his car. He has mounted the exhaust pipes in the front bumper of the car because he thinks that is the only place suitable for exhaust. When he comes to engine of the car, it looks amazing. It is a 1.5 liter engine made by Honda and it has V-Tec as well. Pleasae, buy here pay here in Altoona PA to enjoy a great service.

The manifold is custom made so it fits the engine perfectly. Check out the video here:


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