THE CRAZY POWER OF THE POLO: Amazing VW Polo Stunt Show At BIC Together With INSANE SIDE WHEELIES At 2015 JK Tyre Championship!!!

The VW Polo is one small but powerful car that is widely used for driving around the city, and for racing too. It is a highly maneuverable car, which has stunning performance when tuned a little bit.

Because the distance between the front and the rear axle is medium sized, the handling is perfect on this car, and the drivers enjoy driving it. These VW Polo’s that are used for making stunts on the BIC racing track in India have been modified and tuned too, that’s why the sound that is coming from the engine so great and loud.

These cars are known that they are easy to pump up the power, the engine needs a tweak or two, and it will be one mean machine, ready for racing. The drivers that are doing these stunts on the race track are pros, they have been practicing this choreography for a long time, that’s why everything looks so perfect and so well done.

The VW Polo’s that are used for these stunts, are all looking the same, and they all have the same target, to impress the crowd on the track.


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