Amy Taub Does AN EPIC 360 Spin After The 1/8 Mile @140MPH With Her T&F Racing Dragster!!! ACTION CAUGHT ON GoPro!

It looks like this drag racing car have lost power, and once the female racer Amy Taub looks down at her gauges, the dragster gets a little loose, if you define that “little’ as a full 360 spin in the middle of the track! Lucky for her, Amy beat the other contestant so she was well ahead when things got a little way out of control!

During that day back in 2013, Taub really went for the ride of her lifetime. She managed to pull off what will easily go in the running for the save of the decade. The event took place at Atco Raceway in New Jersey, where her dragster made a full 360 spin on the track and did not hit a thing! The vehicle was left undamaged, without a single scratch anywhere. The whole action was captured on the GoPro camera inside her car and it turned out to be a pretty awesome footage. The scene reminds us a lot of the spin done by Larry Dixon in Australia earlier that same year. One of Dixon’s drive wheels broke from the chassis, and it send the car for a 360 degrees spin and it also didn’t hit either wall on the track. The only difference in Amy Taub’s case is that nothing broke in her dragster that would cause the incident. Amy’s dragster was on another usual run until about half track, when its transmission failed to shift into higher gear. Amy pedaled the dragster once and got back into the throttle. Then, suddenly her car did a full revolution and pointed back down the track in the same direction it was headed.

We are very glad she’s ok, and also amazed by the way she pulled out that epic 360 spin. Talk about a damn good action on the drag strip. Hope you enjoy it folks!

Our conclusion after watching this intense footage is that this particular drag racer will be quite more religious after this incredible near crash on the drag strip.


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