B20 Vtec Honda Civic EF With UNBELIEVABLE 200+HP Teaches A C7 Corvette And Cobalt A LESSON THEY WILL NEVER FORGET!!!

A silver Chevy Corvette C7 and turbo Chevrolet Cobalt with turbocharged engine were put to the shame by a vicious little B20 Vtec Honda Civic with 200hp.

Here we have another deadly drag racing match during the night, in which a lethal 200Hp Honda Civic is bold enough to take on a C7 Corvette and turbocharged Chevy Cobalt in a seriously wild street battle. That Honda Civic can sure move my friends. The owner claims it has 200+Hp but that sounds like a little low for the Civic beast.

When you see a person rolls up on a C7 Corvette will a completely striped interior and having as little weight as can be, you can be sure that something serious is to be unfold. As soon as the B20 Vtec engine kicks in there is no chance that it will show you any mercy at all, it just leaves the opponent in the dust. This particular Civic was tuned by the guys at the Global Automotive Repair And Performance tuning shop located in Columbus, Georgia. They did a great job working on this crazy baby.

This is the one little Honda Civic that could came in smoking hot and opened a big can of woopass on a few unsuspecting and startled Chevrolets. The cocky owner of the C7 Corvette must have gone home with his feeling little hurt after that unforgettable drag racing night. We feel so sorry for him…NOT! 🙂 LOL. That will teach you a damn good lesson never to underestimate a bad boy like this killer Civic. I’m sure that all of the Civic fans were not surprised at all from the final outcome of this race.

On this video filmed by the YouTube channel 4BangersProduction, dedicated to all Honda & Acura car enthusiasts, you are about to see the whole racing action.

Hope you will enjoy watching this adrenaline show!


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