Basic Tools You Should Invest in for Your DIY Projects

There’s nothing more rewarding than the feeling you get after making something from scratch using your own two hands, or even with a little help from friends or family. The concept of DIY projects is something that everyone should welcome into their lives and take on every once in a while. Not only is it therapeutic and helps to take your focus away from your everyday issues and stress, but it allows to explore your creativity and have a sense of accomplishment. Also working with more airtools around the house, is fun, isn’t it?


To ensure that you have a stress free experience with your DIY project, there are a couple of essential tools that you need to have. These tools should be kept in store and constantly checked on, so that when the time comes for you to start your new DIY project, you’re well prepared.

Painting tools

Pretty much every DIY project you can think of will probably need some kind of paint job or another, so it’s always a good idea to have a couple of painting tools at the ready. Always have brushes of different sizes available, as well as trays and bucket to mix your paint in, in case you’re working on bigger projects. And if you check out our favorite DIY site, you’ll be able to find reviews on the best paint guns and the other equipment that goes with it such as the mask, paint cups, and even the paint itself. Paint guns are perfect for DIY projects because they distribute the paint evenly and give the final result a much more professional look.


Safety gear

You simply cannot start a DIY project, regardless of whether you’re doing it on your own or with other people, without having the correct safety gear available. Safety goggles are a must have in case you’re dealing with tool like electric saws because you need to protect your eyes from any flying particles or even dust. Gloves are also essential for a number of power tools and even whilst you hammer, and paint.

Tape measure

There’s really no point in starting any DIY project if you don’t have a tape measure kept with you, is there! For you to make sure that you have the right dimensions for both your space and the project you intend to take on, you need to be able to record accurate measurements. This also applies to other DIY projects such as curtains, shelves, or any kind of furniture you may be undertaking.


There are so many different kinds of tapes available, and you’ll be sure to become acquainted with them all once you delve into the world of DIY. The normal Cello tape that you knew as a kid has no role to play here! There’s Teflon tape, which is waterproof and great for sealing pipes, for instance. Then there is the good old duct tape that is heavy duty and can easily hold thick materials together for long periods of time. If you’re taking on a paint job for your home, then you must have painter’s tape available and not use any other kind. This is because it is specifically designed to come off the walls easily without damaging them.


This is probably the most important item to have in store for any kind of DIY project. The tool box is where you keep things such as your hammers, all kinds and sizes of nails, your tapes and tape measure, screwdrivers and wrenches, paint scraper, and the list can go on and on. The point in that you can get it as small or as large as you like, as long as it’s comfortable to carry and holds all your tools in one place. Things such as the different kind of screws need to be kept neatly and separated so that when it’s time to use them, you have easy access without hassle.

Power tools

Power tools make life so much easier. Having an electric drill, for instance, makes drilling and putting nails through tougher surfaces something much easier. Items like power saws help to cut through metals and wood easily and accurately as well. When using these tools, though, make sure that you know what you’re doing and wearing your safety gear, as they tend to be heavy duty and need all your concentration so that you get it right without having any accidents.


A level is such an important tool to have for DIY projects, because it helps to assess and ensure that any projects that you are building with a surface, are on a ‘level’ surface. That means that there won’t be uneven ups and downs, and that whatever it is that you are building has a solid, straight and even foundation to work upon. You can get a level in a couple of sizes, depending on the size of your project, obviously.

Utility knife

This tool is extremely important to have because you will be using pretty much at all times when going on your DIY project. They’re useful in cutting cords, cables, cardboard, and basically any kind of small or accurate cutting that simply cannot be taken care of with a scissor. Make sure that you invest in a couple of sizes so that you have the option when taking on your projects to have access to detailed or bigger sized cutting.



Now that you’ve been provided with your list of essential tools, you can rest assured that whenever an idea springs to mind, you’ll be prepared with most if not all the necessary tools required to carry it out. These essential don’t only apply to DIY projects, they also prove to be handy in any kind of small fix up issues you may have around the household. Once you catch the DIY bug, it’ll be very hard to turn back. You’ll find that when you are capable of designing and executing things from scratch, that it will have a quality and originality to it that could never come from any other professional, and you’ll never pick up the phone or go to the store to get what you want anymore!




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