BEAUTIFUL Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Or Train Ride OF THE LIFE Built By Ns Customs In Odessa, Texas!!! It Will MESMERIZE YOU!

What a beautiful ride has been taken footage of with the Dodge Ram 3500 dually or train made by Ns Customs in Odessa, Texas with a cool video filmed by Salinas Photography. These guys know what they are doing and they have captured every angle of the truck as it should be. Showing all the good sides of it and also all the modification work that has been done on the truck as well. From the first view we can see that this is the Dodge Ram 3500 dually that has been firstly upgraded with the exceptional Ram suspension kit.

We can see that this is not the stock suspension that comes with the truck from the factory. Somebody wanted this truck to be a military-like vehicle and he has done the goal. The main front and rear suspension has been changed entirely not leaving anything from the old one. Now the truck has been lifted about 10 inches more from the stock height and it looks 10x better too. Also the arms of the front wheels have been changed and now they are featuring the plated ones, instead of the common bar arms. Well it is adding up to the looks of the vehicle and here they are.

Also the tires have been changed together with the rims too. Now this Ram 3500 dually has the eight spokes black rims with chromed finish at the edges. The tires are military grade as well so there is no problem with diving it in the mud too, and being a dually it will love the dirt on it.

Coal rollin machines are all about the black smoke and this Cummins diesel engine that is under the hood of the Dodge Ram 3500 dually has made a large cloud. Doing a burnout with the dually truck is harder but not impossible too, made the burnout of a race car.


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