The Best 4X4s with the Largest Boot Space

A 4X4 offers a practical and stylish option for many drivers due to their large boot space. From families who require plenty of room to get two or more kids on board and load up for the holidays, to adventurous couples with a dog who like getting lost in the country or those who need space for a Mobility Solutions scooter in the boot, it can suit all such purposes. Make choosing a 4X4 with a large boot easy with one of the best models on the market.

Land Rover Range Rover

Maximum boot space (seats down): 2,030 litres

The Land Rover Range Rover is a luxury SUV that makes anyone driving it or a passenger feel like a king or queen, such is its quality interior and performance. With the rear seats up, it has a 909-litre boot capacity that more than doubles when folded down. Plus, the bottom half of the split tailgate folds out flat to make loading heavy items easy.

Mercedes-Benz GLE Class

Maximum boot space (seats down): 2,010 litres

From a renowned manufacturer like Mercedes-Benz you expect quality and you won’t be disappointed with the GLE Class SUV. It’s well-built, though there are only five seats. Still, with petrol, diesel and hybrid options and over 2,000 litres of boot space with the seats down, you can’t go wrong.

Volvo XC90

Maximum boot space (seats down): 1,951 litres

Interior space has been a hallmark of the Volvo XC90 since its launch, and the latest model feels like you’re sat in a cinema. All seats are the same size, which is great for packing seven adults in, and all get higher up the further back you go to create a great view from anywhere. With the seats folded down the space is further maximised.

Porsche Cayenne

Maximum boot space (seats down): 1,728 litres

Combining the premium looks of Porsche with an SUV style, the Cayenne features the bonus of a spacious interior. The rear bench can be folded down for the most room, but it can also be slid forwards or backwards and tilted, depending on whether you need more leg room or boot space.

Peugeot 3008

Maximum boot space (seats down): 1,670 litres

The most recent Peugeot 3008 SUV is a practical crossover that benefits from a high roofline for creating plenty of interior space. A wide, square loading area makes access easy whether you’re loading a pram, furniture, dogs or more.

Any of these large 4X4s will have a boot with plenty of space to suit your needs, while providing an excellent driving performance and experience to boot!


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