The Best Time of The Year to Buy Yourself A New Car

Are you wondering when the best time to buy your dream car is? Are you thinking of when the prices are relatively low? Cars are among the luxury items that one wants to get it right when they are purchasing. It would be best if you keep an eye on the finance and follow your local dealership to know when they have an excess of the stock at their disposal. When buying your dream, it is essential to consider the price of the car to avoid overpricing.

Below are some of the user guide as to when is the best time to buy a new car.

End of fiscal year sales

In most economies, June is one of the best times to get your new car. Dealerships during this period are aiming to clear their stock and to meet their sales forecasts. During this period, the dealer’s reduces prices, offer lower financing, and free car services to attract more customers. When you want to buy a car, this is the best time for you, since you will get that car at a low price and better quality. Also, if you want to upgrade your car, consider doing that before the end of the financial year as prices are lower compared to other sales.

Christmas sales

The holiday panic is very significant when it comes to sales. During this festive season, people always spend a lot of money buying gifts for their loved ones but not cars in most cases. You can buy your car during this time as there is less competition from others. The dealers on the other end want to clear up their stock before the end of the calendar year. Also, they are preparing for next year’s new models. Always read on car news Australia to find out the latest luxury models to buy.

Last day of the week or month

Most of the sales personnel work on commissions. To get a great deal, buy your car at the end of the week or last day of the month, as they focus on meeting their weekly or monthly target. You can also get better deals when you buy on weekends as many dealers focus on their sales personnel meet their weekly allocations.

September/October sales

The most model-year changeover occurs in September or October. The excess old stock that was not cleared during the last Christmas sales is cleared during this time to give room for the latest models. When you buy a car during this time, you will save a lot of money buying the last year’s model. You can also buy from the stock demo as you are assured of a reasonable price, and the mileage will below.


You should not make any mistake when buying your car. For instance, the wrong timing will cost you money, and you might not get that model you want. Follow car news Australia to get regular updates on the latest models in town and best deals.


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