Bike Rescue Done By Group Of Bikers With HEARTS OF GOLD Known As “The Punishers” For A 5 YEAR OLD GIRL With A Disability!!!

This is the most humane thing, the bike rescue that has been done for this 5 year old girl. It is going to take your hopes up for the people that are honest, they are still here and the humane people are still here as well. If you thought that the bikers were a gang that doesn’t care about nobody you were so wrong. These are the bikers that did the bike rescue and they have shown to the world that they care about other people and they care about the children as well.

Namely, the bike rescue has been done for the 5 year old girl that was walking home from school. She has been ambushed by a bunch of bullies and she was beaten up. These are the kids that have taken the wrong way in life. They think that with violence they can make a statement and they are so badly lying to themselves. After the bullies saw these bikers from Albuquerque, New Mexico coming to the rescue they knew that they were in trouble. A big trouble because there is no kidding with a large biker with a black leather jacket on. Even if the person is the sweetest one on the planet he might scare the kids a little bit with his appearance. Don’t get us wrong you so cool bikers, we are just painting the picture here.

This could be a lesson for the parents as well. Do not let your kids to walk home from school when they are four or five years old, especially girls. We know that we are living in a dangerous world and there will not be another bike rescue to be done in the future, not for all bullied kids though. Cheers to you great bikers, thanks for the rescue once more.


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