BLACK MAGIC HYDRAULICS With Ridiculous Power SKY ROCKETS This Low Rider Up In The Sky In Japan! NICE HOP BRO!

Placing the black magic hydraulics on the car means only one thing, rocketing it in the air and then coming back hard on the asphalt. This is a car that doesn’t want this to happen but the builders of it placed the hydraulics suspension on it and now what to do? The best thing to do now is to try it out and see how the black magic hydraulics performs in the actual test.

Enough of reading about the hydraulics and trying to find ways to make the car jump in the air. Now it has come to the actual test and the people that are around the car are just waiting for the highest jump made there. When the driver that is inside the car turns on the jumping mode on the hydraulics the car starts to jump slowly and then suddenly there is the car up in the sky. There is no another car that is able to jump so high in the air with the front air. This is a new trend that has been going on the streets and more and more people are placing the hydraulics on the car in order to jump it.

But most of the time there is the air suspension mounted on the car is we know it is more reliable. And cheaper than the black magic hydraulics too. The air suspension only needs an air compressor which will drive the suspension and if you don’t want the car to jump anymore just push the button and you are done. Here with the hydraulics it is much more complicated. There is a hydraulic pump with all the hydraulics hoses that are going to each wheel carrying the oil inside. Because of the pump and of the oil too it is much more expensive.


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