It seems like this Holden Torana cannot make a run without doing a burnout. No matter how many times the driver tried to run a quarter mile race, he couldn’t do it. It is so because the car has so much HP from that blown engine that it cannot roll steady on the asphalt. Tearing apart those tires is the mission of the engine and it will accomplish it in shortly now. The only thing that the driver needs to worry about is the pile of cash spent on new sets of tires after every race.

The blown Holden Torana ALX304 has been racing for quite a while now and the driver is well known in the racing world. He is managing to put straight this car since he has started racing and still he is going sideways to the finish line of the race track. There are many drivers too which tried to beat the Torana ALX304 but no luck there as the engine will not give it up and it is still roaring.

This is one sick mental car that is going to tear apart those wired tires like nothing. The spectators that were on the event of the Powercruise Sydney 60 were so satisfied that they have seen this car rolling which such terrifying burnout. It doesn’t have to do a burnout before the race starts because it will be done all over the track until the race is finished.

Maybe the driver should have tried to shift one gear up to stop the blood splashing burnout on the track but who will think about that when the adrenaline hits you in the head? It is all about tire smoke and finishing the race, and this car and driver managed to finish the race sideways and with a great burnout too, smoking all the way.


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