Bolt On Nissan GTR Vs Bolt On McLaren 650S In FURIOUS DRAG RACE – DAMN This Didn’t Go The Way I Expected!!!

The outcome of the lined up McLaren 650S versus the Nissan GTR cannot be predicted, because both of the cars are so powerful and so fast, that before the race nothing can be said.

We can just view the cars, hear the sound that is coming from the powerful engines and admire the good work done on them. After seeing the race, you will notice that the McLaren just got smoked by the Nissan GTR, and that nobody expected.

Nobody expected that because we all thought that the McLaren has the advantage here, but we were all wrong. The Nissan GTR prepared a show for the viewers, winning the race like a boss. We say like a boss because the McLaren wanted to give up at the end of the race, when he saw that the GTR just finished the race, and he was in the middle.

The top speeds of the cars are interesting fact too on this race. The McLaren 650S has really low top speed, it is about 148 miles per hour, which is disappointing for this car. The Nissan GTR has top speed of 164 miles per hour, thus it finished the race and won.


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