OUR FAVORITE ENGINEER Brings Another Of His Masterpieces: Building A Mini W18 Engine Is His Way Of HAVING A REALLY GOOD TIME!!!

Relaxing or taking the hobby to a whole new level? We don’t know what was in the head of this engineer, but he has truly taken the small engine building to a different level than before. He has made the beautiful W18 engine, which performs like the real engine, only it is way smaller.

To builds such a small engine, and yet to be so good working, requires some amazing engineering skills. He must be very handy with the machine tools that he used, because to build a working small engine takes a lot more than knowing how to work with the machine. It requires precision, because if only one piston differs from the other, the whole thing will be ruined.

At the beginning of the video we can see all the parts aligned on the table ready to be installed, but imagine how much time it has taken to build those tiny parts. It should be relaxing to do it, but we think that it was hard and painful, rather than relaxing. But now after he has done all the work, he gets to say that this is his hobby and it relaxes him.


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