Cadillac CTS-V, Mustang, Chevy Impala SS, Civic And VW GTI Heads UP Racing For SOME SWEET $$$$!!! Ringing In New Years WITH A BANG!

There are some kinds of drivers that promise their wives that from the New Year’s Day racing on they will not do it anymore. And the wives want to believe them but deep inside they know that it is not possible to quit racing, it is not like smoking after all. You cannot just say no and get on with your life. Especially when you have a Cadillac CTS-V and it’s your favorite drag racing car. The racing is your life and it will stay there until the end of it, it is just the women that they need to understand this and keep living with it.

After we know that we are not quitting the New Year’s Day racing and we will continue the tradition of it, we must see this Chevy Impala SS that is going to smoke all the other opponents that came in its way. It is almost like the Impala has been reborn and now it wants to show to the Mustang or the Honda Civic, as well as the VW GTI that it has the strength to race a full week without resting and we began to believe it.

It is much better that it I the street racing that has been shown here. It would be much different if we had to see a race that actually took place at the racing drag strip, it would lower the enjoyment and the thrill would be lower as well.

Launching the cars into the races is the best thing to see this week as the drivers want to win all the races that come in their way and they are not leaving the street without a win. When you go home and tell your wife that you have won the New Year’s Day racing she would be thrilled to hear about it. Maybe she will have a spare meatloaf for you, for the tired driver that won a race or two.


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