Car Cleaning In The Time Of Coronavirus: What To Know

New Considerations

Before, getting your car washed or detailed probably wasn’t something you would have to think about much. Just drop the vehicle off, and pick it up when the job is done—maybe during the wait you might do a little shopping, or get some chore taken care of. But since COVID-19, everything is inside-out. A lot of detailers aren’t even open, others have transitioned into sanitation.

However, can you trust such a switch when before sanitation wasn’t the specialty of the car wash facility? Not all vehicle owners are the same. Some are going to prefer safety measures put into place for protection, and others will be adamantly opposed. For both camps, there is a convenient and cost-effective solution.

A Quick Scientific Summary

Sanitation science is behind certain cleaning methods. COVID-19 is a coronavirus, and this means certain aspects of the virus’s makeup have the appearance of a crown. COVID-19 isn’t the first virus of this kind, it’s part of a family; it’s just a member of that viral family medical professionals are new to. If common cold were a bobcat, COVID-19 would be a Cougar.

What does this mean? Well, a lot of things that work in fending off a bobcat will work for a cougar as well. Many treatments that kill traditional coronaviruses will also work against COVID-19—one of the most effective right now involves heat. COVID-19 doesn’t do well with heat, and so sterilization methods utilizing such warmth can be key.

Diverse Steam Cleaning Applications

For simultaneous detailing and sanitation, car wash businesses featuring interior and exterior steam cleaning have a huge selling point in these uncertain times. For vehicle owners, if you use such an option every week for a year, you’ll get a professional cleaning that’s deep and kills hidden microorganisms like COVID-19, plus your value back in free cleanings.

There’s also a hybrid solution to consider. You could send your vehicle off to a traditional detailer, then put on your N95 mask and give it a quick touch-up once the car is home. It all depends on how safe you feel. Different vehicle owners have different ideas, and diversity isn’t wrong by default. In fact, there’s much to recommend diversity!

Sterilizing Your Vehicle For Others – Uber, Take Note!

Today, having a steam cleaning machine that operates on a professional level can be useful in helping you sterilize your car for more sensitive riders. Sometimes the vehicle owner has one perspective, and passengers another. Options like this steam car wash machine from Fortador USA are available, and they can pay for themselves as outlined earlier.

In terms of safety, in terms of cleanliness, in terms of vehicular value, in terms of effectiveness, and in terms of convenience, steam-cleaning car wash options represent a next-generation solution available now in a cost-effective way.

National Differences In Car-Cleaning Practices

Depending on your state, some of the information being presented here could be more or less applicable. For example, in Wyoming, all the car washes are open just like they’ve been for a while. Arizona, meanwhile, is poised to lockdown again—by the time you read this, it may be.

So having steam-cleaning options could make it so you have the ability to wash your car, where before you didn’t—well, not with any professionalism, anyway. Home solutions for deep cleaning at a professional level generally require some tool like a steam machine.

Adapting To Unprecedented Times

COVID-19 is a contentious issue today. Whether you’re in a professional business environment where sterilization is fundamental, you’re a “car guy” who just likes to keep his ride clean, you’re looking to maintain traditional cleaning patterns with a safety contingency measure at home, or just keep your car sterilized, the steam route makes sense.

While traditional washing through DIY coin washes and drive-thru options are mostly still available, traditional detailing is facing hard times in the present economy; so exploring secondary at-home options for the same outcome makes good sense.


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