SOMETHING THAT YOU ONLY SEE ON A DRAG RACE And At The SEMA Motor Show: Classic Oldsmobile Drag Racing Car Improved By American Racing!!!

This is the last post for today but don’t worry there are still plenty of videos that we have from this year’s Sema Motor Show that we will make separate posts for all of them during the next few days. As I mention in the last posts November is the month when the 2015 Sema Motor Show takes place in Las Vegas and this time we had our own team who went there and who is filming the best cars that the show has to offer, and they also keep us updated for any news.

In this video we have a classic old timer who was a drag racer. You many have seen this old-timer on some drag race but he is not racing anymore so American Racing have decided to renew him and make him to a show car. As you watch the video you will see the Oldsmobile covered in dark shiny black color with some silver rims and big drag racing tires. It looks as it is ready to start racing at any moment.

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