COLLOSAL POWER !!! Huge Convoy – Over 30 Nissan GTRs Invades the Streets of Singapore!!!

But nothing could be further from the truth. This event offered every Nissan GT-R fan a once in a lifetime experience of complete enchantment by these beauties.

However here is the best part in the whole story.Knowing how expensive cars can be in Singapore the people driving these Godzillas exactly knew just how special it is to ride a car like Nissan GT-R.

Although all the cars which participated are in theory with the performances, proud owners of GT-R in Singapore like to play around with their engines so most of the cars were modified in many different ways, which made this convoy look marvelous!

Maxson Goh captured the lovely sight of more than 30 Nissan R-35 GTRs riding down from Marina Mandarin Hotel to Avaition Park Road. So, wash your eyes with this amazing video with the beautiful babies:


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