Combine Snow Adrenaline With CREATIVE DIRT BIKE CUSTOMIZING And You Get The SNOXCYCLE!!! Bike Riding Will NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!!!

Hello everyone. You know how the cool dudes from your neighborhood always had the best bikes and the best gear and they always had all the attention? Well this group of friends took the extreme on a whole other level.

They were professional dirt bike riders looking to spread their career even more, so they decided to ride their bikes on another surface and take their talents to the snowy mountains. They have designed one of a kind motorcycle which allows them to go through the deep snow with ease. They called this amazing bike the Snoxcycle.

The adrenaline level is beyond your imagination! They are going down from the top of a mountain with a cross bike that looks like a tank because in the back of the bike instead of a tire there is a caterpillar track and in the front there is a ski and that allows them to drive through the snow like it’s nothing.

They are hoping to have a bright future in this new adrenaline sport. They have events where racers get together and race to see who is the best.

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Snow Motorcycle!

Posted by Legendary Motorcycles on Tuesday, January 5, 2016


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