WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? INSANE SUPERCARS – Complete Super Cars Eyegasm at 2013 Gumball 3000!

Can you imagine the perfect scene, the highway full of mighty beast roaring angry, waiting to be challenged? It can’t be more beautiful, crossing through tunnels, the mighty sounds echoes and raise your adrenaline. This is exactly what is shown in this video, and yeah, that Gumball 2013 tour, from Copenhagen to Stockholm.

Even the people who were waiting behind these impressive cars on the crossroads they stepped out just to picture them. And what about the models, Audi R8 (our camera vehicle), Lamborghini Aventador Oakley LP760, Mercedes SLS, Porsche Cayenne sport version, Porsche 911 Turbo and many more…

Mighty super cars which weights few hundreds horsepower each. And our camera car tried to provoke a little but couldn’t keep the steep with the Oakley Aventador LP760! Yeah baby; the power plant of the LP760 is so mighty, 6.5-liter V12 engine delivering 760 horsepower and 550Nm of torque. On the other side the Audi R8 can be powered by one of these two engines V8 which delivers 430hp or V10-plus which delivers 525hp, powerful power plants but we think they are not the right match for the Aventador Oakley LP 760.

Watch the video bellow to see more details.


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