THIS IS JUST PLAIN AWESOME :) LOL! Completely Pointless And Endless Amount Of Fun With A Custom Made VW Golf Mk2!!!

How much fun can an old Golf provide? Barely nothing but if the suspension is lifted, the engine swapped, the body shortened then it is possible to consider it as an amusement tool!

What you will see on this video is the ultimate amusement tool, a VW Golf Mk2 from the second series, with all those aforementioned improvements, how is flipping forward like a gymnast! On the first flip we thought an accident happened and the experimental vehicle was demolished but the steel profiles which goes over the hood from the front bumper to the roof helped the Golf stand again on its “feet”!

And the party continued on and on! The driver will accelerate and then instantly press on the brakes. The braking system works only on the front wheels and that option was allowing the Golf to loose the balance and flip forward! Just on the landing it will jump a few times on the wheels like a little child and it is ready for another crazy flip!

As we said in the title, it will provide you with an endless amount of fun and you will like it! Hit the play button on the video below and enjoy it!

Both completely pointless and endless amounts of fun.CarBuzz

Posted by CarBuzz on Sunday, February 1, 2015


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