CRAZY INDIAN DRIVERS Riding Cars And Bikes Round And Round ON A WALL In A Dome Like In A Circus!!! 90 DEGREES FROM THE GROUND!!

Hello people. We are here to present you something different then the ordinary racing events and shows. Actually a lot people like this sport. There are many fans, but fewer artists. Imagine yourself driving a car on a vertical wall. Crazy, right? Well, let me present you what these people do, and why are they so cool.

Here we have an amazing pit show. The main acts are the cars and the motorbikes. There are 4 cars and 4 motorcycles. Firstly the bikes prepared themselves for launching. They hit the gas to run on the top. At this point we can see some cool risky tricks that they’ve prepared. Few circles and the cars are running too. They achieve a parallel race around the pit. That’s what I call a trick. They go for some rounds, and then the bikes are going down, and the cars stay for a few more tricks. Watch the video and see what’s going on.

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