Wild Craziness At Beaver Dam!!! Some CRAZY REDNECKS Having DIRTY FUN On Their Quads!!!

In the states there is a confusion that is common. Rednecks are a group of people with ATWs that do races and stuff. All ordinary people can drive ATWs and not be called rednecks if they don’t want to. No sweat there. Let’s go to the fun part of this post. Here we have today a bunch of people that got together and went into the woods in order to have some fun with their ATWs.

And it sounds good too. 20 people, 20 ATWs and what can go wrong? As it seems on this video nothing, because they are driving them without any trouble at all. In the start of the video filmed at Beaver Dam, Wisconsin the guys come up with some river to pass through but they are afraid and they are convincing each other who should go first. The young fellow is strong and he goes first and passes the river with no problem at all. After him all the guys jump in the water with their ATWs and that is fun. You get to show off your vehicle and show how strong it is. Check the video here :


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