Ron Berry’s AMAZING CUSTOM VOLKSWAGEN VAN ‘Surf Seeker’ On Display At 2015 SEMA Motor Show!!!

We all love Volkswagen vans, because of their durability and their power. Here at the 2015 SEMA motor show we have a special edition and super customized Volkswagen van, which gave us pleasure just to look at it. This is the most famous Volkswagen van, the “Camper”.

This particular customized VW van is the famous ‘Surf Seeker’, built by the ultra-creative Ron Berry.

These models were first introduced in 1950 by the German manufacturer, Volkswagen, and it was the second vehicle that they produced. There was a variety of vans, but this particular one, the “Camper” was the best seller ever. Nowadays it is really hard to find one of these vans, they have become very expensive and nobody wants to sell them anymore because they know at what value they will get in 10 years or so.

The “Camper” is mostly liked by the hippies and used by them, because there is enough space inside to put a real bed and make a home. The small engine on this van seen at the SEMA 2015, has been repaired and now it is looking like new. These engine spend very less fuel, they are very economic and they will never fail you on the road.


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