Dale Cole and his Journey with 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T!

I’m sure that you have heard tales like this one – a man has great love and enthusiasm for Mopar that started from the time he was a teenager.

Dale Cole's Challenger

He met his first car back in those days and starts driving it on daily basis, but after a while he decided to sell it. And after many years, one day he came across it again and the long forgotten love resurfaced. In a short, that is the story of Dale Cole and his 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T sports car which nowadays is completely restored and in award winning condition. Going back into the 70’s Dale Cole’s journey begins when he found his E body for the first time and later on in 1979 he bought it for only 1 500 $ and for a good couple of years this was his best body and companion in many life’s adventures.

He use to drive it (one can say carelessly) throughout a dirty roads in the prairie who were not very kind to the vehicle, making it full with dust, balding the tires and squeezing the life out of the engine. And after a certain period of time his E body ended up being permanently parked in his parent’s back yard. After a while Dale gave up on it and decided to replace it with a new car. Challenger was forgotten and left to the mercy of time.

Dale Cole's Challenger 4

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