Essential Car-Related Resolutions to Make (And Keep) in 2020

There is a good chance that you use your car every day and that it is indispensable to your daily life. True? Thought so! That is why it is so crucial that you keep your vehicle operating in tip-top shape to make sure that you can go on your everyday tasks without any hassle!

Not only will this extend your car’s lifespan, but it will also ensure that it is as safe as possible while you are driving it. While it may seem costly to maintain your vehicle, it is a lot less expensive than having to replace multiple parts or purchase a new car because everything has stopped working!


At the beginning of the New Year, everyone likes to make resolutions on how to improve their lives. This year, why not make some of your resolutions a little more practical and focus on starting some necessary habits to maintain your car  — one of the most expensive things you own! You will be very pleased when you realize that just a few switches can make a considerable difference.


From checks to mechanic friends, wheel bearing maintenance to high-quality lubricant, read on for the essential car-related resolutions to make (and keep) in 2020.

1. Stay up-to-date on essential car checks

One of the most essential car-related resolutions you should make in 2020 is staying on top of the various necessary car checks. These include an oil check, tire check, wheel alignment check, lights check, washer fluid check, and steering wheel check.


The oil check is crucial as it is what keeps the engine moving smoothly, and when the level gets too low, it can lead to severe engine damage. Tire checks ensure that your tires have enough pressure and are safe for driving, while a wheel alignment check enables you to discern whether higher-quality replacement bearings from an automotive bearings supplier are necessary.


If you bought your car new, then your dealership probably provided you with a maintenance passport, that details when these checks need to happen – either within a specific period or completed mileage. However, if you purchased a pre-owned car, then you are not going to have the same maintenance information.


Pre-owned cars have been used in some ways that are not clearly detailed in a report upon turnover. This is why it is even more important to make regularly scheduled checks to make sure the car that you’ll be driving is in tip-top shape and doesn’t possess any issues prior to your first ride. Otherwise, your vehicle is not going to be in prime condition.

2. Maintain your wheel bearings

Premature wheel bearing damage is one of the most common issues that car owners encounter. Generally, the three leading causes of wheel bearing failure are improper installation, a cracked wheel bearing seal, and collision-related damage.


Wheel bearing damage can potentially cause significant issues, mainly because wheel bearings are a crucial part of your car.  Therefore, to stop premature wheel bearing damage, you must maintain your bearings and make sure that its quality is up to par. This is crucial if you want the vehicle to continue operating smoothly and safely.


First, when working on the brakes, ensure you are in a clean environment and are only utilizing clean tools. External dirt and dust can endanger the functionality of your bearings if these get inside. Second, make sure you have high-quality automotive bearings installed in your rear or front wheels, as these are usually able to last up to 100,000 miles (when properly maintained). Conversely, wheel bearings made from low-quality steel with poor heat treatment often fail prematurely.


Third, stay alert for signs of wheel bearing damage. If it goes untreated, what starts as a small amount of damage can often turn into something more serious. For this reason, it is crucial that you stay alert for any possible signs of wheel bearing damage. Always remember that maintenance costs are lesser than repair expenses. Hence, always choose the former.


The telling signs include odd noises, breakage or shoulder dents, faulty steering, overheating, and vibrations. The sooner it gets looked into by a professional, the more chances you have of limiting the damage, which also means limiting the cost of fixing the issue.

3. Always choose the right lubrication

Unfortunately, too many car owners are not using optimal lubrication in their cars. This is a problem because if you want your vehicle to be as efficient as possible, then you need to be using the most compatible materials available.


By using the wrong lubrication, or a sub-par product, you are endangering the safety, functionality, and efficiency of your vehicle. Plus, the damage that may potentially occur can end up costing you a considerable amount of money as you may have to repair parts or replace the vehicle.


To find out what lubrication is right for your car, you first need to find out what your vehicle OEM specifications are – including the environment and load rating. With this knowledge, you are better equipped to choose the right lubrication as these specifications are associated with grease efficacy and bearing performance efficiency.


You also want to consider the additives and base oil as these are the ingredients that enhance the performance of the grease depending on the requirement of your desired application. Choosing the perfect lubrication for your car should not be taken lightly as lubrication compatibility is the key to maximizing car performance.

4. Make friends with your trusted technical service provider

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do for your vehicle is to make sure that the right eyes are having a look at it. In many cases, these may not be yours!


Let this be the year that you make friends with a mechanic or at least reach out to your trusted technical service provider  with questions. In many cases, asking these professionals questions will lead you to the right answer a lot quicker than if you were to attempt to fix things on your own. Technical experts are very keen on analyzing the best and suitable solution for your car’s health and performance.


For example, when it comes to selecting the optimal grease for your vehicle, a manufacturer or distributor is going to be able to recommend something for you immediately and can even give you an apt product counterpart that’s more accessible for you.


You may even find that they sell the grease or can transfer you to the vendors who will give you a great deal. Maintaining your vehicle is crucial for keeping it safe and reliable, so it is better to directly reach out to your trusted technical experts to ensure that you’re being fed with the right knowledge and to ensure that you make the most out of your vehicle.


Are you making any car-related resolutions this year? Why or why not? Is there something else vehicle-related that you need to get better at dealing with?

Let us know your thoughts, remarks, and any relevant experiences in the comments below!



Hassanein Alwan is the Managing Director of Mineral Circles Bearings with more than 10 years’ experience in the bearing industry’s technical support division, sales, and marketing, plus strategic business development consultancy.


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