THE ULTIMATE PROOF: Everything Can Drift If There’s A Will And Enough Snow Even An Old Hyundai Pony MK1!!!

If there’s a will it will happen! Simply and short said but let’s not forget the snow! And you might ask why? Because it’s an essential part of this story!

Of what does the name Hyundai Pony associate you? Pony, to us associates on poor powered car, almost like the engine is only 1HP! Our Pony in the video originates from the ’80s and it owns 74HP and 93lb-ft of torque, power which is even not closely enough for asphalt drifts!

Here’s the point where the snow comes into action. If there is a snow, especially frozen lake covered with snow like this in Netherlands, and the Hyundai Pony transforms into a Formula D car! All you need is a strong will and good pairs of winter tires. Yeah, go for it next, the fun will be all yours and you will enjoy the pleasant drifting!

The video below is the ultimate proof for that, where the guy with the Pony is making some crazy snowy drifts and he is not even planning to stop! Enjoy the video folks!

What would you do if you were on his place?


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