What Evidence Do I Need in a Bus Accident Lawsuit?

Filing a lawsuit for a bus accident is an enormous responsibility that requires a great deal of time, dedication, and meticulous attention to detail. There is an abundance of information that must be gathered to file a successful bus accident lawsuit, all of which demands significant care from both yourself and your lawyer.

As the victim, the burden of proof is on your shoulders. You must demonstrate the negligence of the individual responsible for your crash, meaning that you must procure documentation not only of the scene of the accident but also any damages you incurred. Prior to filing a claim, it is very important to obtain supportive evidence related to your bus accident to ensure your case is presented fully.

When collecting evidence after an auto accident, you want to record as many details of the crash scene as possible. This is especially important in public transportation accidents since you will be filing a suit against a government entity. Any legal action against such a powerful defendant is a monumental feat that must be undertaken with extreme care. As you proceed to develop your case, the foundational evidence you must gather is as follows:

  • Photos and videos: Any visual evidence reflecting the damages inflicted by the accident will provide indisputable facets to your case that will inevitably strengthen your case against the negligent party. For example, if you were not a passenger, but the bus hit your car, demonstrating the damages and any incurred injuries in photo or video form can sway a jury in your favor.
  • Medical documentation: After recording all photo, video, and written evidence from the scene, it is critical that you visit a medical professional after your bus accident. Even if you do not feel hurt, it is highly likely that you incurred injuries in this crash. Documentation of your physical condition in the aftermath is critical to creating a bulletproof case. Your physician will provide this in the form of a hospital visit summary.
  • Municipal maintenance logs: This will likely only be possible to secure with the help of official legal assistance. If the accident was not necessarily the driver’s fault, but mechanical failure, this can be proven when you collect the bus maintenance forms. Still, this does not negate negligence on anyone’s behalf, as the parties responsible for caring for the bus may have knowingly ignored the appropriate maintenance schedule.

These represent only the most critical components of what you need when developing your bus accident case. With the help of a lawyer, you will be able to acquire more information to demonstrate fault on the bus driver’s behalf.

Additional Evidence You May Need for a Bus Accident Claim

In a bus accident case, you will need to ensure that all your bases are covered in proving liability. Do not leave any stone unturned when gathering the foundational evidence for your claim, as any gaps will surely be used against you to deny your right to compensation.

To cover all angles of your case, you may want to collect the personal information of witnesses present at the scene. Civilian testimonies and expert accounts from accident reconstruction professionals can make a world of difference in informing the jury about which party was responsible for your crash. Consult with your lawyer to determine what additional information you may need to strengthen your lawsuit.


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