Why you should Have Extended Car Warranty

When the time comes for you to purchase a new or used car, you may be asked whether or not you would like to include an extended car warranty. Many people brush this concept off, assuming that it is a waste of money, but what happens a few years down the track when your factory warranty has expired and you have broken down, or something has gone wrong with your car? Regardless of the circumstances, without extended warranty, you will have to pay the full fee to repair the car and you can be out of pocket a lot of money – everyone’s worst nightmare.

This is where extended car warranty comes in to play. By purchasing extended warranty shortly after the time of purchase of the car, your car will be fully covered even when your original warranty expires, ensuring that you are fully covered under your chosen warranty scheme. Extended car warranty works by either extending the original warranty of your car, or providing a very similar coverage, depending on your contract. Best of all? Extended warranties may reduce financial stress in times when you may need to fork out large, unexpected repair bills.

There are a large variety of extended car warranty options, so it is best if you spend a bit of time researching and finding the right deal for you. The best extended warranty contracts will include some or all of the following:

  • A wide protection of your investment from a variety of mechanical and electrical faults with little or no excess that must be paid.
  • The freedom of choice for the mechanic of your choosing when something goes wrong, rather than the requirement of seeing a mechanic within specific location.
  • Coverage that suits your own individual needs, because let’s face it, everyone uses their car in different ways. From low to high kilometre selections, it is entirely your choice how you chose to be covered.
  • Flexibility in payment options. Most companies will allow you to pay in monthly instalments or in upfront payments, so you can choose what is best for you financially.
  • Free roadside assistance that is available 24/7 -- when you need it most.
  • Extended warranty cover to limit your exposure to unexpected major repairs, or the choice to simply cover minor repairs, depending on your individual needs.
  • If you choose to sell your car, some extended warranty companies provide a pro-rata refund for your remaining cover or offer you the option to transfer your warranty to the new owner, making your sale more appealing to buyers.

So, if it is peace of mind, flexibility and a range of different options that you are after, extended car warranty could be the right option for you to protect one of your biggest personal assets. Visit this website today to find out more information regarding the best extended car warranty for your individual needs. Get started covering your car today!


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