Extremely SHOCKING SOUND!!! Godzilla R-34 GTR Raging With Ferocity on the Second Step!!!

Watch this fantastic video of the lunatic Godzilla R34 GTR roaring like a wild beast escaped from captivity and going after his catchers. Listening to the sound of the exhaust system I am reminded of the lyrics from Metallica’s “Motorbreath”: “It’s how I live my life, I can’t take it any other way. Motorbreath! The sign of living fast, it is going to take your breath away…” And the sound of this car will definitely take your breath away! And your neighbor’s too. Here is the fun part where all the action begins. 🙂

The next time that your neighbor wakes you up in the morning, give him a nice melodic wake-up call at 2 a.m. with this lullaby.


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