Finding Joy in Giving Back as Don Forman of Las Vegas Does

Many of us are trying to go through life accumulating things and crossing off items on our bucket list with the hope of making ourselves happy. But while many of us struggle to capture that elusive joy that truly warms the heart for a long time, United Nissan Owner Dan Forman already found it.

Dan Foreman

While you may think that he experienced great joy considering his successful business ventures and incredible wealth, Forman himself would tell you that it isn’t so.

“I don’t think there’s anything you can do in life that gives you the same feeling as giving back,” said Forman in one of his interviews. Note that from his statement, anyone can see that Forman was certain that giving back is the key to finding meaning in life.

Forman is a business tycoon who practically has it all but instead of resting on his laurels, he tries to find ways to help people.

While donating in charitable organizations or foundations are common ways to help, Forman had a vision of slowly changing the world by helping one person at a time. Through the show FOX5 Surprise Squad, Forman’s vision became tangible.

Through Forman’s generous heart (and pocket!), the people of Surprise Squad are able to go around Las Vegas Valley to help brighten the day of someone in need and even to affirm those who went the extra mile to help another person.

One such life-changing surprises that would not have been possible without the help of Forman was the story of Tisha Beauchmin, a mother of 5 children who did not hesitate to take into her home the three kids of her neighbor who died of cancer.

This act of kindness is not possible for everyone. Most would probably hesitate to shoulder the immense responsibility of adopting three more children on top of your own, especially when the financial and living situation is not that good.

But Tisha didn’t do the math or even considered the size of her own home before she agreed. She understood that the children of her neighbor had gone through so much because of their mother’s passing and she just couldn’t let them go into a foster home.

Through the support of Forman’s United Nissan and other sponsors, the Surprise Squad renovated Tisha’s home so that every member of the family has a place to call their own and a new Nissan vehicle that can accommodate Tisha’s now big family.

Tisha and her family are just a few of the many people touched by what the philanthropist Forman is doing through the FOX 5 Surprise Squad. The stories are changing the lives not only of the people who were given assistance but also the lives of many of us who were inspired to follow Forman and also find joy in giving back.


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