Someone PLEASE BUY ME THIS Bagged Ford F 350 Super Duty XLT Copper Dully With Chrome Rings At 2015 SEMA!!!

The Ford F series is one of the best series that the company has been producing, and now we have the honor to present you the famous Ford F350 Super Duty XLT, which was at the SEMA 2015 Motor Show. We really enjoyed this kind of remake, and we think that you will enjoy it too.

The team decided to go with the special matte black color that looks good on all trucks, but on this one it has found it use finally.

This F350 Super Duty XLT was presented with pride on this show by the team, and what the audience there liked and what we liked are the spiky rims that are on the truck. With these rims the F350 looks like a mean machine coming from the movie “Death Race”, and after you see the rims and the spikes you will think the same as well. Maybe the place for this truck is in the movie, but on the streets it would look really cool and mean on the road, who doesn’t like to drive this truck, we know that we do.

Dully Bagged is the real thing gentlemen, press play and enjoy!


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