AWESOME CLASSIC! Fully Original 1962 Lincoln Continental Hardtop Sedan Complete With Raven Black Paint!

The Lincoln cars have become very famous once the president JFK drove around in them. Also the Lincoln Continental is an American car that is a very symbolic icon in the American History.

In this video we can see a black 1962 Lincoln Continental Hardtop Sedan driving around the block while the owner of the YouTube channel, samspace81 is filming it. I’m happy to see cars like this kept and taken care of because I can’t imagine letting this old historical car rust away in your backyard or at some junkyard like some do.

The Lincoln is in perfect condition and you can see that just by watching the video. The paint on this car is black and the interior is resorted like it was in his glory days, not even one spot on this car is damaged or scratched. The owner of this car is an elder man who we can see loves his Lincoln very much. Also under the hood we can see the original engine and almost all of the other parts are right from the 60’s, I really respect that because now a days we see some old timers getting fully restored while there engine is thrown away and replaced with a new one.

Enjoy the video!


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