FURIOUS Lamborghini Aventador SHOCKS A Honda Civic Owner With Its Speed On The Highway!!! THESE GUYS’ REACTIONS ARE PRICELESS!!!

I bet anyone would have the same reaction as these guys – seeing a Lamborghini Aventador doesn’t happen so often.

In this clip you can see a Civic driver stumbling upon an Aventador and trying to reach out to the driver, when suddenly the Lambo speeds up and flashes in a second. And the reaction of the driver and the guy that’s filming is priceless- they start screaming and yelling of surprise and excitement. They were definitely shocked, and I bet so were you.

The Lamborghini Aventador is easily recognizable. It has a mega motor churning out from 691 to 720 HP and its engine is 6.5 L V12. It is an expensive but incredible ride. It is a brutally powerful, but very agile for its size, and it is actually the most drivable Lambo that has been produced so far. Its fuel tank capacity is up to 23.8 gal.

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Aventador SHOCKS Civic OwnerI remember my first Lambo! These guys’ reactions are priceless!! hahaha *Language Warning*From our friend Dane @ Dane Lyons Fishing

Posted by 1320Video.com on Monday, January 4, 2016


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