How To Get Your Truck Ready for Winter Conditions

Winter driving conditions can be demanding. From a cruise around the block to a long-distance commute, be sure a sudden snowstorm or sub-zero temperatures don’t leave you and your truck stranded on the roadside. Shop for pickup bed covers, snow tires and interior accessories to keep your truck moving forward on a snowy day.

Swap Out Your Battery

An old battery is usually the first casualty of winter. Batteries four years old or older can be severely affected by cold temperatures. A sudden cold snap and you may not have a working battery anymore. Recycle your worn-out battery with a brand-new lead-acid battery to keep your truck starting reliably. If your new battery doesn’t last the winter, check out your alternator and starter to find the culprit.

Upgrade To Winter Tires

Another common mistake is avoiding tire maintenance. There are two key ways to prepare your tires for winter. First, check the air pressure of each tire. Large temperature swings can affect the pressure, so cool weather can leave you with partially flat tires. This wears down on your treads and can cause a tire to pop without warning.

If you’re in an area that sees heavy snowfall, consider upgrading to snow tires. These heavy-duty accessories give you maximum traction in icy conditions thanks to wide treads and cold-weather-resistant rubber technology. Snow tires aren’t great for summer driving, but they may prevent you from sliding off the road when the weather turns cold and snowy.

Cover Your Floor

WeatherTech mats can be the difference between a muddy, snowy mess of a cab and a well-maintained interior. Throw some rubber mats under every seat in your truck to prevent snowy boots from creating a muddy mess when the heat turns on. Remove and dump out your rubber mats for hassle-free interior cleaning.

Get an Oil Change

Old or low oil can turn into maple syrup in extremely cold weather. The correct oil weight for your truck should handle cold temperatures, but it can still be hard on your engine if you haven’t had an oil change in awhile. Stay on top of this maintenance task and consider ordering oil, a filter and a drain pan online to save money on your next oil change.

Prepare a Safety Kit

You never know when a sudden snowstorm will leave you stranded. From snow drifting roads shut to icy conditions leaving you in unsafe territory, you may be in your truck on the side of the road or in a parking lot longer than you expected. Pack an emergency kit with first-aid supplies, warm clothing, a snow shovel and road salt. These items can help you get out of a sticky situation and back to the safe warmth of your home.

Shop Online for All Your Winter Gear

From severe snowstorms to a little cold snap, help your truck handle winter at any level. Order these winter items, new fender guards for trucks or stylish seat covers online to protect your ride in any driving condition. Stay on top of auto maintenance with plenty of oil, new brake pads and other affordable auto parts when you shop online.


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