Get a VIN Check!

Many car owners face sad reality often when they purchase a used car. Old cars have many hidden surprises. Sellers rarely disclose all the truth about the vehicle, and sometimes they intentionally disguise the information. What should you do if you want to be better informed of your vehicle record? One US company offers a fine solution. It proposes a vehicle check.

How Vehicle Identification Number Check Works

The idea behind the VIN check is simple. You go to the FAX VIN website, and put VIN number into the decoder. Your report will be ready in seconds. This is done so simply, but the amount of work behind this simplicity is overwhelming, since the IT system of FAX company gathers information from many state agencies. Via this service, they provide you with information on:

  • whether your car was stolen or not;
  • what is the year of its manufacturing;
  • who were the previous owners of the vehicle;
  • what are exact technical parameters of the vehicle;
  • whether the previous owner had been fined or has accident cases.

So, you can see that the majority of the key data is offered in VIN report. You will really enjoy the service.

Other Services Of the Fax Vin

If you are interested in all relevant news in the automotive industry, or if you are planning to buy a car, especially a used one, you have to visit thematic sites. They offers truly useful articles about the development of car industry. The more you read, the better you understand the current situation within the sphere of cars selling and buying. However, only a comprehensive VIN report will provide explicit detail on a particular car.

Vehicle Identification Number was designed specifically to keep record of the vehicle. With FAX service, it is a  powerful tool to track information about your car. The check is free of charge, and the system formulates the report within minutes. You are more than welcomed to know more about the vehicle you consider for buying. The reports issued are very readable and can be printed from the website or in the form of a PDF version.

The FAX system enables its customers to track cars sold since year 1982. It is quite a good time line for a service. People who are new to the automotive industry will make use of a Report Glossary available on the company’s website. The website also offers a service of VIN Decoder. It is a simplified service that gives an opportunity to order a shorter VIN report, in which you will have some basic data on car production. Today, the FAX VIN service has been assessed positively by the customers.

FAX VIN designed its service for the benefit of the customers. The website is comfortable to navigate. If you are interested in the company’s events and various novelties of car industry, check the Article section on the company’s website. You can also use FAX VIN advices before investing money in a new car. These advices will make your purchasing decisions better.




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