GMC Vs Dodge Vs Nissan On A SMALL HILL CLIMB At Spring Creek Off Road: VERY MUDDY AND SLICK; Who Will Make It Up?

Making a comparison between the GMC vs Dodge there is no way that the Nissan cannot be included too. It is so because the Nissan trucks also belong to this great family and these trucks are durable too, reliable and they are worth their money. That’s why we needed to take it on the road too where the GMC vs Dodge will be a great comparison and for a benchmark the Nissan will be used too. The GMC and Dodge are both using Nitto Terra Grapplers. Many people wanted to see this battle and how it would end up and finally we got it.

If you take the specs sheets of all three trucks you will notice that the weight of the trucks is here somewhere. No big difference there, they all have four wheel drive and of course the transmission is different. There are a lot of tests that could be made but what is better than a 100% hill climb? This will be the ultimate muddy test and who ever makes the climb will take the title for this year. It is good that all the trucks are stock versions so there will be no cheating and no lying about it.

The GMC vs Dodge battle seems useless because the GMC is struggling to get on the hill at first. The driver cannot even make it on the first stage and he is not going to take down the hill for the victory. It will be the Dodge which is going to take the prize here and as we know Dodge are the best trucks that you can buy in the USA. No other truck is coming even near the capabilities of the Dodge has and also it is the most versatile trucks of them all. Going Nissan will not be a mistake too but don’t take it on another hill climb.


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