GNARLY Twin Turbo Buick Grand National Does A FEROCIOUS STREET PULL Shattering All Limits Of Reality!!!

Guys take a very good look at this INSANE Buick Grand National with deadly twin turbocharged LSX engine under the hood. It managed to pull out an epic flyby on the highway and change history forever! You will have to excuse us while we take a second to pick our jaws up from the floor…Damn that was a crazy street flyby!

To the dismay of all the Buick fans out there, people in all likelihood have the false impression that this particular black Buick Grand National is just another Chevy Monte Carlo produced back in the 1980’s.

Regardless if the Buick Grand National caries its original 3.8L turbo setup or steps up a bit higher to a level such as this LSx powered beast, the car still provides quite a believable sleeper looks which is undoubtedly to fool everyone that dares to mess with it on the streets.

Now this may not be the turbocharged V6 engine that the Buick Grand National so iconically came with, but it’s obvious from this video that a twin turbo V8 setup is quite a good upgrade too. Back in the days when the Buick Grand National GNX was released it was so fast, that it beat the Chevy Corvettes of that time. So you can just imagine how General Motors felt about that. The sound of the twin turbo LSX found under the hood of this Buick is literally insane as it launches off and squats back. This car is not exactly a sleeper, but you can be sure that at such power level it can pull on just about anything it finds on the streets.

We can clearly state that this one nasty twin turbo Grand National that we have never seen before. Get ready to be amazed!

This Buick Grand National doesn’t accelerate. It teleports…just wow! Be sure to watch the video below. You are definitely going to enjoy this one!


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