Good Reason NOT TO DART In Front Of Trucks At The Lights! THAT’S WHAT YOU GET For Slamming Your Brakes On In Front Of A Truck!!!

Never do this when driving in front of a large truck, because the consequences will be bigger than you have ever imagined. Here we have an example of what will happen if you drive in front of a heavy truck. Bet that the driver never saw this coming and he thought that he was doing it all right, but when the truck hit him from behind, then he was really surprised.

Stopping at the traffic light is essential, but going with high speed at it, means that either you will not have the time to stop and you will must go along on red light, or if you stop suddenly, there is a chance that somebody will hit you and cause damage. This is exactly what happened here, the truck was driving on the road with the same speed as the car, but because the car stopped suddenly, the truck driver didn’t have the time to stop, so he hit the car and launched it forward on the road. It is still luck that there wasn’t any other cars passing the road, it would be such a bigger accident than it is right now.


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