What To Do If I Got in an Accident with a Rental Car?

Nobody wants to get into a car accident. Aside from the shock of the incident, there are also the expenses and the inconvenience of repairs to worry about as well. Things are slightly different if one of the cars involved in the accident was a rental because there are a few extra complexities involved, though that depends on whether you were driving the rental car or collided with one.


In either case you will need the help of a car accident attorney to help you with the situation. They can deal with the rental or insurance companies if a problem arises. If you were in an accident involving a rental car, then you can read more here to get the help you need.

What Happens If You Hit a Rental Car

If you hit a rental car, then the procedures are much the same as if you hit a car owned by a private citizen. You should find out if anyone, including yourself, needs medical help. You should then contact the authorities so that they can take care of anyone who is hurt and help to contain and clear the scene.


You should also take pictures of the accident scene and the damage done to each vehicle. It is also necessary to exchange information with the other driver including contact information, identification, and insurance information. While all of this is occurring, you should not apologize or admit fault for the accident as that could hurt you later on. If a dispute arises, then you will need to get a car accident attorney to help you resolve it.

What Happens If You Have an Accident in a Rental Car

Once again, the initial steps are identical to the ones you would take if you had an accident in your own vehicle. Where an accident in a rental car differs from an accident in a privately owned vehicle is that you will need to contact the rental company and ask them what they want you to do next. If the vehicle needs to be towed or is still driveable, then ask them where you should take it. You may then have to file a report with the rental company that details the accident. You should also make sure to call your insurance company as well, since they could be involved in the accident payments.

Who Pays For a Rental Car Accident

The answer depends on the type of coverage that you have. If you bought the collision damage waiver (CDW) from the rental company, then the rental company pays most of the cost for the repair or replacement of the vehicle. The exception is if the accident was caused by reckless driving or involved a violation of the rental agreement. If you have personal insurance, then there is a good chance that it covers rental cars as well, though you should check with your insurance company. Some premium credit cards offer rental car coverage, but that is only if the rental car was paid for with that card.


If you were not responsible for the accident, then the rental car company will work with the insurance company of the at fault driver to cover the damages.

Contact an Attorney if You Were in an Accident with a Rental Car

A rental car accident can be straightforward or it can get very complicated, which is why you need to contact a car accident attorney if you have been in one. They can help to sort out the situation if you believe that you should not have to pay for any damages that occurred. So make sure to read the rental agreement carefully and contact an attorney if you get into an accident.


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