Hacks For Cleaning Your Car!

Do you struggle to keep your car clean? It seems like a major chore sometimes and it can be hard to find the time to do it. Your car may start to look a bit more like a dustbin instead of a car. However, if you follow these simple cleaning hacks your car will look like it has just been driven out of the showroom

You’ll need a few items to help you clean your car. You will need a bucket, some washing up liquid, a large sponge, polish along with a soft polishing cloth, finally some car wax to finish off the job. You will obviously need water to clean your car; a garden hose works best for the job. However, if you do not have a hose you can simply use a bucket and refill the water once it gets dirty.

When it comes to washing your car, should you choose to do it on a sunny day it is advised you park in the shade. This is because if you are parked in the sun you may find your car drying too quickly leaving you without enough time to give your car a proper clean.

Before you start washing your car, spray some traffic film remover. This wonderful liquid will kick start your cleaning, leaving you amazed with how much dirt it removes alone!

Sometimes even after cleaning your car, you may find your headlight cover still murky and cloudy. There is an ingenious cleaning hack that will blow your mind and leave your headlight covers squeaky clean. Toothpaste! Who would have thought toothpaste could work little miracles, but according to the experts at Smartvacs its a great hack. Taking a toothbrush, put some toothpaste and water on it, and then scrub the paste on to your headlights. Your headlight covers should be completely sparkling clean after applying this!

Finally, add a windscreen rain repellent to finish off the job. This will help your driving too as it will reduce the occurrence of water stains on your windscreen. This means clear visibility for you!

For more hacks on how to clean your car, check out the infographic below brought to you by whoops! Wheel fix it.



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