Most Happening Car Features of 2018

Catching the glimpse of the emerging technology in the automotive industry has always been fascinating to the car lovers. And, casting an eye over the latest features comes on top priority when it comes to possess a new car. With the rapid advancement of technology, traditional cars have evolved into super cars possessing hi-tech features. As a result, majority of car lovers expect more of breakthrough features in the car they wish to own in the near future.

Considering this, team has made sound efforts in bringing light over the eminent car features that are going to boast in 2018. Here’s how the car riding experience will be even better throughout the coming year.

Goodbye cords!

Since the time Samsung has introduced wireless charging function giving the Android users a pleasure of not carrying those annoying wires everywhere, Apple also came with a commitment to offer inductive charging on its latest models i.e. iPhone 8 and X. Consequently, automotive manufacturers were left with no other option than going with the flow and providing cordless charging feature in the vehicles. In the same run of going cord-free, leading luxury car brand BMW has also given thumbs-up to wireless Apple CarPlay connectivity in some of its models.

Meeting Up with Subscription concept

Subscription programs are also in the minds of some automakers this year. This implies that the people who wish to have a desired vehicle on lease or rent, the future could be favorable to those because of some acknowledged car makers like Volvo, Cadillac or Porsche.

Volvo is offering its XC40 crossover to the subscribers within $600 -- $700 a month, along with covering expenses for insurance and maintenance (any wear and tear items such as wipers, battery, tires or brake pads). Furthermore, the subscribers have the advantage to either upgrade to a new XC40 after being into a year of their subscription or keep the existing model for another year but on a restriction of covering 15,000 miles annually.

On the other hand, Cadillac and Porsche are determined to present pilot programs in some metro areas where the subscribers require paying monthly for acquiring the desired car. But their service includes covering expenses over the fuel, insurance and maintenance as well. On top of all, the privilege to swap the vehicle in between the subscription period according to the needs is an added advantage. Moreover, these brands are not limiting mileage digits too. However, the subscription will take a little big budget as compared to Volvo subscription service.

Democratized Self-Driving Technology

Self-driving technology is not unknown to us but this technology was accessible only on the high-priced cars. Now, with the help of Cadillac and Nissan, people will be experiencing self-driving technology even on the reasonably priced cars. Cadillac and Nissan name the technology as “Super Cruise” and “ProPilot Assist” respectively. The systems prevailing in both the brands provide control over steering, acceleration and brakes.

Back Seat Privilege

GM as well as Nissan’s crossovers will now be able to notify the driver whenever the vehicle suspects any door opening or closing or if the door’s left unlocked. The GM’s technology in its crossovers or SUV’s will initiate warning sound whereas Nissan’s crossovers will honk the horn in order to make the driver alert.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay System

A lot of auto makers are now working on giving the vehicle compatibility with Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay. With the help of these systems, the person behind the wheel will be allowed to safely access his/her frequently used apps. The drivers will be also able to share information right through the vehicle’s system such as making phone calls or sending messages to the friends via Siri.


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