The Jeep Exhibits At SEMA Are Always A PREMIUM FOCAL POINT! Here Are Several Jeeps Customized With RADICAL NON-TRADITIONAL Powertrain Setups!!!

Who doesn’t love awesome Jeeps? I know we do, so in this video we present you the coolest Jeeps that were displayed at SEMA 2015.

All of these vehicles have their own unique features, and if you attended the event you probably know that there were cool Jeeps at every corner. The most popular one was the Jeep Wrangler and caught the most attention, simply because it is very versatile, tough and has a wide range of available aftermarket parts, which allows the user to create their own unique vehicle and custom it exactly how he wants it.

This year’s SEMA Show definitely had a wide range of Jeeps – from mud boggers, rock crawlers, supercharged powerhouses to desert rings. These Jeeps have proprietary builds with radical non-traditional powertrain setups. And they truly are badass. The steam punk styled jeep also caught attention because of its cool design- the steering wheel even had a cool skull on it.

Make sure to watch the whole video so you won’t miss out on any cool Jeeps, and let us know which one was your favorite by leaving a comment. Don’t forget to like and share. Enjoy!


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