Here Is The Debut Of GOLIATH CHEVY NOVA II!!! Prepare Yourselves For A Monstrous Drag Beast!

The beast has arrived. And he won’t sit still if he wouldn’t cause some damage on the Street Outlaws. He comes with big expectations and mind-blowing performances. He is big Daddy Dave’s personal Goliath monster from hell which he adopted him under unknown circumstances.

And you know what you should expect from this Nitrous fed monster Chevy II Nova. But it doesn’t matter what you think because Daddy Dave loves his Goliath pet.

Let’s examine what the Goliath Chevy II Nova demonstrated on his debut. The track prepared, the huge rear tires where the power is transmitted are also ready and the screaming can begin.

Just look how badly he launches, even the rear tires cannot handle the massive torque which is too obvious on the video. Also Daddy Dave was very confident when he was adopting the Goliath from hell, because he promised that he would be obedient on his desires.

But now, watch him having troubles to keep the straight line and harness him.

Honestly we were surprised of the car’s first stages of testing and we know that we can expect even more. Watch the video bellow to see how strong Goliath Chevy II Nova is.


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