Should You Hire A Social Security Disability Lawyer For Your Claim?

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits can be a long and complex process. If you have been injured or are ill and are unable to work you may qualify for SSD benefits, but the process of applying can be intimidating. With over 70% of claim applications being denied on the first attempt, it is easy to see why so many people are frustrated and leery of the process.

You may already be dealing with complications from your disability, injuries, medical bills and the stress of recovery. Adding the stress of a complicated benefits claim and a possible denial can take a toll on any applicant.

With the high rate of claim rejections it can be a good idea to find out who are the best Social Security Disability Lawyers Philadelphia has to offer. Having a professional advocate working with you can increase your chances of success with your claim. It can also alleviate the extra stress of dealing with a claim on your own.


Knowledgeable Experience

When you deal with a disability attorney you are being guided by an expert in the field. They know the ins and outs of the SSD and legal systems. Get trusted guidance through every aspect of your claim, application, interview and possible appeal. Your attorney knows how to make the system work for you and ensure that you receive the fairest compensation.



You may be wary of the extra expense for a disability lawyer, especially if you are having financial difficulties as a result of not working. In most SSD cases, your lawyer will not receive payment until an agreement is made. The legal fees are generally taken out of a compensation package. An attorney may seem like an unnecessary expense, but when you weigh the cost against the frustration, possible denial and resulting appeals process, it can be worth spending the money.


Application Help

Almost 90% of all claims are rejected based on errors on the claim application itself. The forms are long and can be complicated. There are many sections and various questions to be answered which can leave room for small clerical errors. A disability attorney will guide you through the application process from start to finish. They can help you assemble all of your required paperwork from application stats to important medical records.

They will make sure that there are no mistakes on the application before it is submitted and provide you with formal copies of all forms. The best chance you have for approval is to make sure your SSD application is correct and complete.


Appeals Process

If you are one of the many applicants that have their claim rejected, you will have to start the appeals process. Depending on the details of your claim and the reason why it was rejected, the appeals process can be lengthy and very involved. A SSD attorney will guide you through the process with a quick claim amendment and continue to work toward a fair settlement.


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