How to Host Your Own Speciality Car Show

You may dream of hosting your very own speciality car show; however, before you take the plunge, you need to be aware of all of the planning and behind-the-scenes action that needs to happen. Although it’s set up to be a fun day for everyone concerned, it can be a catastrophe if something goes wrong. 

This is why it should be undertaken by someone with a cool head who has the ability to plan in minute detail and has the gift of foresight. This is because there’s a lot to think about, and getting lost in the excitement isn’t going to help you or anyone who turns up on the day.


1. Rent an appropriate site

You’ll have to find the right kind of site to accommodate your car show. It should be large enough that it can house all the vehicles that you want to show as well as run any special performance that you want to put on. It’ll also need to house all the visitors that are coming to purely enjoy the show. These people will need to be catered for, so you’ll need to think about toilets, food trucks, and seating areas. If you want your visitors to pay for admission, you’ll also have to make sure that you can man all the entrances to your site to make sure that everyone pays for entry.


2. Section off parking bays for visitors 

You’ll also need to think about segregating your visitors’ parking areas off from those wishing to either take part in the shows or merely show off their vehicles. This will mean knowing in advance how many people are thinking about turning up. Of course, those who are wanting to take part in your show will no doubt let you know, especially if you advertise and ask for interest to be registered. When it comes to visitor parking, you must take action to ensure that considerate parking is carried out.


3. What you’ll need when putting on demonstrations and races

For the main part, your mind will be on the performances and demonstrations that you want to showcase alongside any races. For these, you’re going to need safety instructors and emergency workers standing by just in case of an accident or incident. The safety of everyone on site is paramount for everyone to have fun and a good time at your car show. Of course, working out the safety requirements behind a race, demonstration or performance all relies on planning. Using handy rumble strips could help your drivers know where they should be and where they shouldn’t, and this is a necessity when there’s more than one car in the show ring at any one time.

Final thoughts

There are many things that’ll need to be thought about before even making your first move to host a speciality car show, and you may find it a good idea to enlist the help of others. However, you should make sure that those you ask are also level-headed and not prone to excitable outbursts.


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