HOW ROTARY ENGINES WORK: Detailed Explanation On A Mazda RX 7 Wankel By THE BEST GUIDE On YouTube!

This is the ultimate explanation about how rotary engines work and it is the best one that you can find out there. We have seen a lot of the rotary engine principles of working but not a lot of them really explain the complete process and tell us what is really going on inside the chamber of this engine. That’s why our dear friend Engineering Explained is going to show us how rotary engines work and why they are going to be extinguished from the car industry too.

This is a 13B rotary engine model that is laid on the table in front of us just to get better view of it. Mazda RX 7 features this engine under the hood and after this car no other got it. The 13B engine is a two rotor designed engine and we have the two rotors on the table too. The rotors are equivalent to the pistons. They are doing the same job, powering the car but they do it in a whole another way than the conventional engine. The crankshaft is so different than the normal one but taken the fact that this is a rotary engine it looks kind of cool for it.

Now let’s explain how rotary engines work and see how the car is going to get the power from the engine. There are the four same processes that are going on in every other engine too. So in the first stage there is a mixture of fuel and air coming into the combustion chamber. Then the spark plugs are going to ignite the mixture. Then the power is extracted and the burned fuel mixture goes into the exhaust chamber. But the process looks so cool when the rotors are doing it and all that is shown in the video.


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