Levels Up Your Car Insurance Shopping Experience

Did you know that rather than lowering consumer premiums after a twelve month policy has come to an end, most car insurance companies increase them?  This isn’t because of claims made on a policy during the previous twelve months, or because a consumer’s circumstances have changed; usually, it’s because they know some people don’t bother taking the time to see what better options are available and so won’t question the price rise.

Not many people enjoy shopping for car insurance, yet it’s one of those things everyone should do on an annual basis in order to avoid paying hefty price rises that are oftentimes not justified. was created to change the car insurance shopping experience and make things easier for the general consumer. Explained

Rather than working like a traditional car insurance comparison website, can help consumers to find the best car insurance provider in their area based on how other consumers have ranked them.  They ask consumers to rank the experience they have received from their current provider and then make use of this information as part of their search engine.

Like a traditional car insurance comparison website, consumers will still be provided with a list of the best providers, brokers and agents, but instead of these being ranked based on price, they are ranked based on how good they are.  This new way of search is helping consumers to make more educated decisions about who they want to work with, while saving them from the hassle of performing research into each company individually.

How the Companies are Rated

Insuranks considers a lot of different factors before giving each company an aggregate rating.  Included is:

  • How good the company is at resolving customer queries and problems
  • How easy their insurance information is to understand
  • How honest, reliable, and professional they are
  • How well they consider the consumer’s needs
  • How fast they deliver the policies and their service
  • Whether the car insurance provides good value for money
  • How easy it is for consumers to make claims
  • The overall satisfaction level of consumers

This is just a short sample of the over 20 factors Insuranks takes into consideration when determining a ranking for each provider.

Taking the Consumer Shopping Experience to the Next Level

Insuranks realizes that price isn’t everything when it comes to shopping for insurance.  In fact, the cheapest policy isn’t always the best one, and many consumers have ended up wishing they’d spent a few extra dollars in order to avoid hassle later on.  Their car insurance search engine, therefore, aims to fully take the consumer shopping experience to the next level.  Not only can consumers receive a whole host of personalized quotes for free, they can also be advised as to which providers are worth keeping away from, and which are worth considering.

To find out more about Insuranks and how it can help you find the best car insurance deal for your needs, visit


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