The Guys At Ironworks Speed & Kustom Did A DAMN FINE JOB With This 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air At 2015 SEMA Motor Show!!!

Ironworks have been working for a long time but we have never seen accomplishment like this, the 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air by Ironworks Speed and Kustom. They performed and made this look gloriously, and here on the SEMA 2015 Motor show people are attracted to it like it is some kind of magnet.

They left the hood of the car opened because they wanted to show the people how this engine looks and why it is so great. All parts on the engine are either restored or new, and look like they were not used at all. The belt is new, the block is freshly painted, and the air intake is new as well.

Good looking car with a good looking engine is good, and we like to check it out. The interior of the car is all new, black leathered with nice finishing touches on it. The seats look like they are sport seats but actually they are very comfortable for street driving as well.

The dashboard looks flashy and there are many gadgets where you can check out the condition of the engine, but it is not equipped too much and we like that simplistic design.


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